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Impact1Hundred Awards $15,000 in 2014


The women of Impact1Hundred recently met at Tapas 218 to vote on their 2014 awards. Impact1Hundred awarded a total of $15,000 for 9 grants in 2014. Since the first grants were awarded in 2009, Impact1Hundred has given over $100,000.00 to the programs of Community Services of Stark County.


Congratulations to Sisters of Charity Matching Gift Endowment Fund – awarded $5,000.00. Community Services of Stark County Inc. has been given a unique opportunity to raise funds and have them matched 50% by the Sisters of Charity Foundation. The money will go into a specific fund to be used for emergencies. Major building expenses such as a roof replacement, plumbing issues, and failing windows are things that can happen unexpectedly.


Congratulations to Family Living Center – awarded $1,000.00. The Family Living Center is housing, on average, 35 residents per day. Affinity Medical Center provides a limited number of frozen Healthy Choice meals, but we seem to run out of ‘hot’ meals before we reach the end of the month. $1,000 would be used to purchase 100 - $10 Save-a-Lot grocery store gift cards. When we run out of frozen meals, the gift cards would be used by staff for residents to fill the gap with hot, ready to eat meals as well as easy to prepare meal items. The FLC is not permitted to have stoves on-site, making it difficult to provide hot food for such a large number of residents at meal time.


Congratulations to Family Living Center – awarded $1,200.00. Funds will be used to purchase 2 room heating units (at $600 ea.). This building, being a former hotel, has individual room units for heating & cooling. There are about 60 in the building. At the time of acquisition about half of these units were operating properly. 20 units have already been replaced and focus now is on replacing the 10 units that are not functioning.


Congratulations to Family Living Center – awarded $1,000.00 for gas cards. The residents of the FLC who are fortunate enough to own vehicles are sometimes unable to get to important appointments because they cannot afford gas for their vehicle. The residents would need to provide verification of an appointment related to medical care, job or housing opportunities to be given a gift card.


Congratulations to Adult CPST Program – awarded $1,500.00 for bus passes. The Adult CPST Program provides psychiatric case management to those severely mentally ill individuals who would be unable to function independently in the community without symptom monitoring, community linkage, and supportive intervention. Over 300 clients are served by the program in their natural environment. Funding for SARTA bus passes would be used to enable our higher functioning clients to pursue their recovery goals while insuring that they are able to obtain groceries, do their laundry and/or attend medical and dental appointments. Access to transportation would decrease social isolation by enabling clients to visit family or friends or attend support organizations such as Foundations which focuses on the needs of our mental health consumers.


Congratulations to Supportive Services for the Homeless – awarded $2,300.00. Funds will be used to continue the life skills program. The program is a huge success and we have been able to see residents collect hundreds of points through their efforts resulting in proudly being able to ‘buy’ items they earned. Remaining funds will be used to purchase bus passes, gas cards and ‘welcome’ packets for new residents. All aimed at enhancing the staffs’ ability to serve clients better.


Congratulations to Supported Employment Program – awarded $1,000.00 for bus passes. The Supported Employment Program seeks to find competitive employment for those clients with severe mental illness. The ability to obtain and retain employment is an essential element in the recovery process for severely mentally ill individuals. As the overwhelming majority of clients served by this program have no income, they do not have either have vehicles or access to reliable transportation. With the assistance of the Impact 100 grant, clients who are enrolled in the Supported Employment Program would be able to receive SARTA Bus Passes to assist with their job explorations, job interviews, and the initial job phase prior to receiving income.


Congratulations to School Based Mental Health – awarded $1,000.00 for Promote Drug Facts Week. Funds will be used to implement programming by the school-based mental health counselor and behavioral health resource coordinator at Timken High School for National Drug Facts Week.   Funds will augment the free resources including resource booklets, posters, trivia quizzes, and classroom materials, as well as awareness videos created by the broadcasting students at Timken High School.  School-based providers implemented this program last school year and it was well-received, but very limited funds were available and limited the extent of programming that could be offered.  An increase in funds available will allow the program to grow and impact more students.


Congratulations to Youth & Young Adult Services – awarded $1,000.00 for various programs. Funds will be used to purchase bus passes for educational and vocational use and to pay for driver’s education courses and to cover costs of licenses or state IDs. Pay for birth certificates necessary for housing program applications. Purchase ‘cooking and cleaning basics’ packages.




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